J.D. Richardson Company : About Us

J.D. Richardson Company understands that every community is unique and has different needs. Rather than force your community and your Board of Directors to conform with rigid management guidelines, we believe our job is to listen and learn from you, and then develop a program to mesh with those needs.

Effectively managed community associations are those in which the Board and management form a strong foundation of trust and teamwork to accomplish the goals of the association, resulting in higher property values, community harmony and well-maintained assets.

We never lose sight of the fact that Common Interest Developments are not only businesses, but homes to all of the members. We appreciate the delicate balance of conducting business in your home.

Our services accommodate the 500+ home master association to the <20 unit condominium association. We can provide both full-service management solutions or accounting services to meet your specific needs.

Comprehensive Financial Management

  • Monthly and annual budget planning and analysis
  • In-house collections program

Property Monitoring and Maintenance

  • On-site inspections
  • Assistance in securing third party vendors and contractors
  • Limited monitoring to assure quality control

Responsive Homeowners’ Services

  • Same day phone call return
  • Courteous, caring assistance
  • 24/7 Emergency call line

Board of Directors’ Services

  • Extensive computerized record keeping
  • Job numbering system to track action items
  • Agendas and reports to streamline meetings

Community Awareness Programs

  • Special notices, postings
  • Inserts into monthly billing statements (meeting minutes, etc.)
  • Newsletters, as requested